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Herbarium Distillation 29 Press Release (January 2021)

Herbarium Drinks were delighted to finally "get off the ground" with the following press release last week. It's been a long journey to get to this point, and we're excited to introduce our great tasting drink to everyone. Here's the press release that went out (with thanks to PR):

Introducing Herbarium Distillation 29

 A new, no-compromise, botanical spirit.
 Made from 100% natural ingredients.
 Hand distilled in small batches, in traditional copper stills.
 Delicious: full flavoured and perfectly served with a classic tonic.

Oh, did we mention Herbarium Distillation 29 also contains 0% alcohol
 “…an alcohol-free spirit that doesn't taste like it's alcohol-free."

Bored with soft drinks and not enjoying some of the other alcohol-free choices available, Andrew and Steve decided to develop their own distilled 0% spirit that could be simply mixed with a favourite tonic. There are many occasions and reasons why you may not wish to drink alcohol, but you still want to enjoy ‘a drink.’

Herbarium Distillation 29 contains: 

* No sugars 
* No sweeteners 
* No artificial flavourings 
* No allergens
* No calories

“We developed Herbarium Distillation 29 with a no compromise approach,” says Andrew, “with a focus on purity. All the flavour comes from our hand distillation of natural botanicals here in the UK, with no other flavours added.”

“It has taken us several years to get the result we wanted - that is, a unique and satisfying taste with a great mouthfeel that you can savour in the same way you would an alcoholic drink, but there is no alcohol in the product or used in the distillation process.”

Cofounder Steve is a perfectionist, with the technical background and knowledge used to develop Herbarium Distillation.

“We have worked tirelessly to ensure the purity of the product,” explains Steve. “Each botanical flavour release has been profiled, researched, and tested combined with their interaction to create our unique Distillation 29 recipe.” 

The results are what Steve calls, “a breakthrough, an alcohol-free spirit that doesn't taste like it's alcohol-free."

Herbarium Distillation 29. 100% natural flavours. No alcohol. No sugars. No sweeteners. No artificial flavourings. No allergens. No calories.  Zero everything, in fact – apart from flavour. This is something it has in abundance.